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June  29,   2018,   Volume  03,   Number  03
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  1. Message from the Juneau County Democratic Chairman
  2. We are left with no choice but to deal with partisan gerrymandering the Wisconsin Way!
  3. Lemonweir Township Efforts to get Internet becomes County-Wide!
  4. Environmentally protective Dems officially launch caucus at state convention
  5. Juneau County Health Department Issues a Press Release Waring about high Nitrate Levels in Armenia Township wells.
  6. Report on Juneau County Democrats Meeting of May 15, 2018
  7. Juneau County Democrats 2018 Calendar

Message from the Juneau County Democratic Chairman
We Need Volunteers to Staff the New Juneau County Democrat's Office.
Have you been by the new office opened by Juneau County Democrats ("JCD"s)? If not starting July 5, 2018, the JCD office will be open regular office hours. We are scheduled to open in July. Initial Office hours until the August Primary will be Tuesday - Friday 4pm -8 pm. and Saturday 11am -3pm.  We have already had one training session for volunteer staff on June 27, 2018 at the office.  At that time, our Vice Chair, Jay Townley conducted a volunteer training session for purposes of staffing the office.  We will have additional training in the weeks to come if you were unable to make that meeting.
What do volunteers do when staffing the office? Volunteers greet visitors to the office. We also offer visitors campaign literature, window signs, yard signs and bumper stickers urging voters to support Democratic candidates for office.
We also conduct phone campaigns from the office with information provided to us by the Wisconsin Democratic Party and by the JCDs. These calls provide people with information about Democratic candidates. On these calls,

we also ask for support for Democratic candidates.
We also use the office as a launching pad for canvassing events in which volunteers knock on doors in different townships in Juneau County. In these campaigns, we obtain the views of voters. We also assist potential voters with voter registration and requests for absentee ballots.  As the election nears, we have a "get out the vote" campaign
• both by telephone and in-person canvassing.
Our office will be equipped with a land line, high speed internet and printer to meet the needs of JCD as well as staff supporting our Democratic candidates. In addition, with high speed internet, we will be able to enter data as a result of our phone and door to door canvassing. And did I tell you we also will need volunteers to enter data? Volunteers also host visitors representing staff working for the candidates needing a venue out of which they conduct their activities or just a place to rest their feet.
We think the office of the JCDs will become the place to be for folks to gather for discussions and share political ideas and issues. We need you to help us in winning the election in November so that a Blue Wave will wash over
• Juneau County and the State of Wisconsin.
Stephen Weiser
Juneau County Democrats
We are left with no choice but to deal with partisan gerrymandering the Wisconsin Way!
On Monday June 18, 2018 the U.S. Supreme Court, as NPR has said, "...essentially punted on extreme partisan gerrymandering" by declining to address the central questions at the heart of whether the practice is constitutional.
In doing so it declared that the plaintiffs in Wisconsin don't have standing to sue, because they didn't try to prove that their vote had been diluted in their own district and sent the case back to the lower court.

During the first week of October 2017 the nine justices of the U.S.  Supreme Court heard arguments in Gill  v.   Whitford, the Wisconsin Republican gerrymander case.
The Democratic Party argued that the Republican gerrymander is a design that delivered nearly two-thirds of the districts to the GOP even as Republicans lost the statewide vote.
The evidence in the case showed that a year after the redistricting, Republicans captured only a minority of the statewide vote — 48.6 percent — but, as they had privately predicted, they still won 60 of the 99 state legislative , seats, while the Democrats, who had won a majority of the vote, captured a mere 39 seats.
A divided lower federal court found that Republicans, using high-speed computer technology along with new voter data, were able to draw new district lines to solidify their control of the Legislature for at least the rest of the decade, if not longer.
According to the June 18 NPR report, "Justice Elena Kagan filed a concurring opinion that liberals may look to figure out a roadmap for how to bring a future case, as those opposed to partisan gerrymandering are sure to regroup.
"Partisan gerrymandering, as this Court has recognized, is 'incompatible with democratic principles,' " Kagan wrote, adding, "More effectively every day, that practice enables politicians to entrench themselves in power against the people's will. And only the courts can do anything to remedy the problem, because gerrymanders benefit those who control the political branches."
While the lower court ponders what it will do this decision by the Supreme Court is a win for those who wish to leave partisan gerrymandering in place.  It will also make it harder for groups opposed to gerrymandering to bring such a case in the future.
As Justice Kagan says "...gerrymanders benefit those who control the political branches." We are left with no choice but to deal with partisan gerrymandering the Wisconsin Way and take back control of "the political benches."
• We need to rise-up and convince the people of Wisconsin who haven't voted to go to the polls and exercise their constitutional right to take back control of the

political process!

  1. We need to rise-up and join with workers and the Unions in going to the polls and voting for candidates that will stand up for the peoples' right to earn a fair living wage and receive fair benefits and take back power for the people!
  2. We need to rise-up and join with young people in demanding great public education and affordable student loan programs, common sense firearms regulation and getting the NRA and all black-money out of politics!
  3. We need to rise-up and vote out of office every politician that uses the practice of gerrymandering to entrench themselves in power against the people's will!

If the United States Supreme Court won't do the right thing -it is up to us to get the job done the Wisconsin Way!
Lemonweir Township Efforts to get Internet becomes County-Wide.
On June 9th Art Shrader, candidate for the 50th District Assembly seat held a Listening Session in Lemonweir Township to hear from the local citizens about their prolonged campaign to get Internet service.
Art explained the role he played as a community banker in bringing together the funding that Reedsburg required more than a decade ago to bring reliable Internet service to that municipality and the positive impact that Broadband brought to private individuals, businesses of all sizes and the school district.
In addition to hosting the Shrader Listening Session Dennis and Monica Krejci have been actively involved in organizing their neighbors into an action group or committee that is nonpartisan and has reached out to and petitioned the Lemonweir Township Board, the Juneau County Board of Supervisors and Representative Ron Kind.
Art listening intently to the comments from the 25 to

30 people that had gathered from the neighborhood and offered suggestions and ideas for giving this important issue a higher level of visibility in the county and state wide.
The listening session was attended by two members of the Juneau County Supervisory Board and the Chair of the Lemonweir Town Board.
During the week of June 11, the Juneau County Board authorized a new Broadband subcommittee to investigate the Internet access issues in Lemonweir and other townships in Juneau County and the Lemonweir Town Board formed a committee to investigate the access issues raised and discussed at the Shrader listening session!  This is another example of Democracy in Action!
Environmentally protective Dems officially launch Caucus at state convention!
The new DPW Environmental Caucus was officially constituted at the Party's state convention June 2nd. Your Juneau County delegates attended the caucus meeting and voted on (and in favor) of the new caucus constitution.
Prior to being "officially" constituted as a part of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin the main platform for the work of the Environmental movement within the DPW has been a Facebook page under our pre-convention name, Wisconsin Progressive Environmental Network (WPREN).
WPREN built up the audience for the page to around 200 so far and the new Environmental Caucus needs the help of the County Parties in generating more Likes/Follows.
As for the substance of the important work of the new Environmental Caucus...in a nutshell its task is to spread forceful political messages that highlight the wide gulf between the two primary political parties, boosting the profile of the most important environmental issues and making it clear to voters that Democrats are better stewards of Wisconsin's environment!
http://www.facebook.com/Wisconsin-PRogressive-Environmental-Network-WPREN-12 930 6221161592/

This new DPW Environmental Caucus has been launched at the right time - because Republican policymakers' in Madison have been relentless in their attempts to bring back sulfide mining, loosen wetland protections, undermine the professionals of the DNR, ignore drinking water quality and safety issues and turning the Foxconn deal into as much of an environmental giveaway at it is a giveaway of our tax dollars!
• ••••
On Friday, June 15 the Wood and Juneau County Health Departments issued a Press Release about High Nitrate Levels in Private Drinking Wells.
The release states in part that: "High nitrate levels have been found in private drinking water wells of some Juneau and Wood County residents near Armenia Township (Juneau County.)"
All the residents of Armenia Township with private drinking wells that tested high in Nitrate levels received letters detailing the findings and providing information and instructions like the following actions spelled out in the June 15 Press Release:
"We urge residents to take the following actions if their well water has a high nitrate level:

  1. "Infants less than 6 months, pregnant women, and women who may become pregnant should immediately stop using the high nitrate water for drinking or preparing foods (infant formula, soup, rice).
  2. "Everyone should avoid long-term consumption of water with high nitrate levels
  3. "It is ok to use the water for activities like showering and household chores."

The following quote from the June 15 Press Release references the high percentage of wells tested that were found to have high and unsafe nitrate levels.
"So far, we have found that 41% of the total wells tested had nitrate levels above the groundwater standard," said Juneau County Health Officer Barb Theis. "It is important for residents with high levels of nitrate to take immediate action by using bottled water to assure a safe source of

water for drinking and cooking." The groundwater standard for nitrate is 10 milligrams of nitrate per liter of water (mg/L) and is the amount of nitrate that can be in the groundwater and be safe for drinking.  The percent of wells observed with high nitrate levels, through this survey, is greater than the estimated statewide average of 9% of wells.
Both Wood and Juneau Health Departments and county conservationists are working to help residents understand their water-quality issues, and in identifying long-term solutions other than continued use of bottle water. An educational session is part of the groundwater testing • program and will occur once all results are analyzed and mapped.
We feel it is appropriate to point out that currently in the state of Wisconsin the land or home owner is responsible for having private wells tested.
With this said, the Juneau County Democratic Party understands that some home owners simply can't afford the cost of testing or need assistance with contacting the appropriate source for testing and others are financially stressed by the cost of bottled water.
A representative from the Juneau County Democrats has contacted the Juneau County Health Department and offered help in the form of funding for private well testing and for > obtaining safe bottled water. We will be presenting preliminary plans for making this funding a reality at our July meeting.
The Juneau County Health Department has also confirmed that it will be holding a water quality educational session Tuesday, July 17 at the Necedah Town Hall from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.
We encourage you to attend this important educational session, and accordingly the monthly meeting of the Juneau County Democrats has been moved to Wednesday July 18 at the Mauston Public Library starting at 7:00 p.m. and we will be discussing how to best help our neighbors in Armenia Township.
If you have any questions about the high Nitrate levels in private wells in Armenia Township that are not addressed in this article please contact: Barb Theis, Health Officer,

Juneau County Health Department, 200 Hickory Street, Mauston, HZ. 53948, (608) 847-9373, btheis@co.juneau.wi.us
* * * * *
The May 15, 2018 meeting of the Juneau County Democrats was held at the Necedah Public Library and the completed Recording Secretary's Repot of the meeting is attached for review.
***** Juneau County Democrats 2018 Calendar
The June 19th Meeting of the Juneau County Democrats was held at the Elroy Public Library and the July 18th Meeting will be held at the Mauston Public Library.
June 27: Starting at 11:30 a.m. at the J C Dems office, 215 E. State Street, Mauston, an orientation and training session will be held for volunteers and volunteers-to-train volunteers!  We want to make sure our volunteers are comfortable doing the vital tasks they sign-up for! Interested in volunteering? Call 608-315-2487.
June 28: Alert! We recently we got word from our friends in the Progressive Caucus of a planned protest in Mount Pleasant on June 28 at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Foxconn plant. For details see here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1782026028503033??ti=ia

July 8: Wa-Du-Shuda Parade in New Lisbon.  Line up begins at 12 Noon.
July 10: 3:00 p.m. Meeting of the J C Dems Executive Committee followed by addressing envelopes for mailing - at the J C Dems Office, 215 E. State Street, Mauston.  For more information call: 608-315-2487.
July 17:  An Educational Session on the water crisis in Juneau County at Armenia Township Wells will be held at the Necedah Town Hall at 5 p.m. We urge all members to attend.
July 18: The next monthly meeting of the J C Dems is Wednesday July 18th, and it will begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Mauston Public Library.

July 28: Park Fest Parade in Lyndon Station.  Line up begins at 12 Noon.  For more information call 608-315-2487.
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