Juneau County Democrats
Reviving Democracy  through  Citizen Action

Juneau County Democrats
Reviving Democracy  through  Citizen Action
An Electronic Newsletter   from the  Juneau  County  Democrats March  2,   2020,   Volume   01,   Number  01
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  1. Welcome
  2. February 11, 2020 Monthly Meeting Minutes
  3. March 10, 2020 Monthly Meeting Draft Agenda

March is Women's History Month - and Marks 100 Years of Women Voting in Juneau County!

WELCOME!  The Juneau County Democrats, also known as the J.   C.   Dem's  has been working hard to revive democracy in Juneau County. With this first issue in 2020 we are bringing back our monthly newsletter that is sent by email to all our members, friends and neighbors.  We have included the Minutes from our February 11, 2020 monthly meeting for your review in advance of a motion to approve at our upcoming March 10 meeting.  We have also included a draft agenda for the March 10 meeting so you can plan to attend. The last item in a reminder that March is Women's History Month, and 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the final approval of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution that gave women the right to vote!
Juneau County Democrats
February 11, 2020 Monthly Meeting
Timmy's Time Out Bar and Grill
Mauston, Wisconsin
In attendance:   Stephen Weiser, Chair; Chris Zindorf, Treasurer; Mason Luehman, Vice Chair; Andrew Deppe, Assistant Secretary; Joseph Petrowitz; Albert Hajek; Tammy Wood; Sharon Czarnecki; Jean Murphy; Ruby Dow; Diane Dendy; and Carol Zindorf.
Chair Stephen Weiser opened the meeting at 7PM with a message of welcome and invited each person to introduce themselves and say a bit about why they came.
Minutes of the January 14 meeting were reviewed.  It was also noted that no minutes have been submitted for the December 2019 meeting.  A motion to approve the January 14 minutes as

submitted was made by Chris Zindorf and seconded by Sharon Czarnecki.   Motion was approved by voice vote.
Chris Zindorf reviewed the monthly Treasurer's report.  In
addition, Stephen Weiser announced a doubling of monthly support from WisDems for the current year (from $100 to $200 a month), which will cover most of our space rental costs.  A motion to approve the report was made by Carol Zindorf, seconded by Sharon Czarnecki, and approved by voice vote.
Notice was made that Scott Arnold, WisDems Regional Organizer,
was unable to attend this evening's meeting, but will continue in his regional role now based in LaCrosse.  WisDems are looking to hire an additional local volunteer coordinator for Juneau and two or three surrounding counties, who would report to Scott. Hopefully more information will be available next month. Several commented that it would be best to hire someone with local organizing experience in our area.
Feb. 8 JC Denis Day of Action - Stephen Weiser reported on a successful effort last Saturday with five volunteers on deck for phone banking and door-to-door canvassing in the Mauston area. We experienced a higher than average response rate, especially with the door knocking, and were able to educate voters about upcoming elections, including the Wisconsin Supreme Court race.
Feb. 18 Primary Election - Andrew Deppe reminded everyone to get out and vote next week on Tuesday, Feb. 18.  In addition to various local and township elections, two primaries of note will be on the ballot:  1) Tricia Zunker is running in a special election covering the northern part of Juneau County to replace outgoing 7th District US Representative Sean Duffy; and 2) Democrats Edward Fallone and Jill Karofsky are both running for Wisconsin Supreme Court to unseat Scott Walker appointee Daniel Kelly.
Recent Direct Action Events - Chris Zindorf and Stephen Weiser reported on the Jan. 30 Clean Water Lobby Day in Madison organized by Wisconsin Conservation Voters.  Chris testified before a House committee on two different water quality bills, including reinstating funding for local DNR positions eliminated by Scott Walker.  Stephen mentioned the fact that Senator Howard Marklein failed to show up for a scheduled appointment with over a dozen constituents.  They met with a Senate staffer instead. Further pressure is needed to urge Senator Marklein to take Juneau County water quality issues seriously.

Andrew Deppe spoke briefly about the Feb. 5 "Reject the Cover Up" Protest held across the street from the JC Dems office, in front of the Juneau County Court House.  JC Dems regulars were joined by two new people to speak out against the Senate's cynical "acquittal" of Donald Trump on well documented impeachment charges.  The event was covered by Juneau County Star-Times (Chris Jardine), as well as a Madison area broadcaster.  Coverage included positive exposure for JC Dems and upcoming local Democratic events.
The youth-led Climate Justice Protest scheduled for Feb. 9 in Reedsburg was cancelled, due to heavy snow.  The event will be re-scheduled.  Tammy Wood agreed to extend our help and collaboration to the Reedsburg high school students in re­scheduling the event, perhaps in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2020.
Chris Zindorf briefly described a recent film screening in Wisconsin Rapids about Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and their hazardous effects on ground water in WI, AZ, OH, IN and IA.  He also talked about citizen action for clean water in Bayfield County, WI.
JC Dems Communications Team met Feb. 4 at the office.  Seven members were in attendance, and a range of issues were covered, including email list maintenance and distribution software options; website development and maintenance; getting a monthly newsletter going again; public speakers training for JC Dems members; and need for member involvement in creating clear JC Dems message strategy for the 2020 election season.  Two important areas were identified as unmet needs right now:

  1. Contact List Work - Members are invited to come work on our list of 1,700 "Strong Democrats" in Juneau County to do phone work and other outreach to expand and update our JC Dems contact list for phoning and email announcements.  At the end of the meeting, a date was set for a volunteer night at the office to begin this contact list work -Thursday, Feb. 27, 5PM at the office, with pizza and beverages to be served.  Members indicating interest included Stephen, Jean, Tammy, Carol, Joseph, Sharon, Diane and Andrew.
  2. Media Relations Work - Volunteers are needed for work on newsletter design and editing; ad placement; op ed articles; interviews; event coverage; calendar listings; letters to the editor; and other media relations efforts.


Members are asked to recruit friends and neighbors with these skills and invite them to attend the next Communication Team meeting - Tuesday, Feb. 25, 4PM at the office.
JC Dems Office Hours at 215 East State Street in Mauston are now officially two afternoons a week:  Wednesdays and Thursdays 2PM to 6PM.  Fridays may be added soon, depending on volunteer availability (Tammy, Andrew, et al).  Members interested in staffing the office are encouraged to contact Stephen W. or Joseph P. and schedule a volunteer orientation session.
April 22, 2020 is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.  Several members volunteered to help Tammy Wood and Andrew Deppe work with young climate activists from Reedsburg to create some sort of commemoration/climate justice protest event for this spring's anniversary.  Outdoor clean-up projects, food, live music, rally and march are all being considered for the anniversary event.
Plans for April 26 County Caucus Day were discussed by Stephen Weiser and Chris Zindorf.
Members will need to be identified, elected and trained to serve as JC delegates to the national Democratic Convention in Milwaukee.  Juneau county is entitled to 9 delegates (and 9 alternates) - 2 from the 7th Congressional District and 7 from the 3rd Congressional District.  More details will be available after the Feb. 29/Mar. 1 DPW County Chair Association retreat and training event in Wisconsin Dells.  Stephen and Chris plan to attend.  Training sessions are open to all county party members.
Our next monthly meeting will be Tuesday, March 10, 2020, 7PM at Timmy's Time Out Bar and Grill in Madison.
Additional meetings of note include Feb. 25 Communications Team (4PM) and Feb. 27 Contact List volunteer night (5PM, including food and drink).  Both meetings are to be held at the JC Dems Mauston office.
Chair Stephen Weiser asked for a motion to adjourn:  made by Chris Zindorf and seconded by Albert Hajek.  Motion approved.
Submitted February 15, 2020 Andrew Deppe, Assistant Secretary
Note: Must be approved at March 10, 2020 Monthly Meeting

Juneau County Democrats - Monthly Meeting
March 10, 2020 Timmy's Time Out Bar and Grill, Mauston, WI
Proposed Agenda
1.    Welcome, introductions and personal comments

  1. Introduction of guests
  2. Approval of minutes from February 11, 2020 meeting
  3. Review and approval of Treasurer's report

100th Anniversary of 19th Amendment /Women' s Suffrage -
March 2020

  1. Water Quality Update/Six County Collaborative
  2. Speaker on April  7  and May 12 elections

Special presentation on Jill Karofsky (running April 7 for WI Supreme Court) and Tricia Zunker (special election May 12 for 7th  District  US  House  Seat)

  1. April  7  GOTV   (Get Out The Vote)   efforts
  2. Tricia Zunker campaign volunteer opportunities
  3. Plans  for Earth Day 50th Anniversary    - April 22
  4. April  26  Juneau County Caucus Day / Delegate Selection Process
  1. Report on Feb. 29-Mar. 1 WisDems County Chairs Retreat
  2. Possible locations for Caucus Day itself - April 26
  3. Identifying potential JC Dems delegate candidates

•    Communication Team Report

  1. Contact list updates and expansion - Feb. 27 volunteer night
  2. Newsletter - volunteers needed for design and editing
  3. Media Relations - letters to the editor, event coverage, calendar listings, ad placement, op ed articles, interviews, etc.
  4. Social media and website development


  1. Office Hours/Volunteer Time
  2. April 14 Monthly Meeting - Still 7PM at Timmy's?
  3. Adjournment

March is Women's History Month - and Marks 100 Years of Women Voting in Juneau County!
Women hold the key to every election! According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau data there are 166.0 million females in the U.S. compared to 161.1 million males. That's 50.7-percent females vs. 49.3-percent males.
The first Women's Day celebration in the U.S. was in New York City in 1909, but Congress took its time and didn't establish National Women's History Week until 1981, to be commemorated annually the second week of March.
In 1987, Congress expanded the week to a month. Every year since, for the past 32-years, Congress has passed a resolution for Women's History Month, and the president has issued a proclamation!
The state of Wisconsin follows national demographics, and the latest census data shows 50.3-percent of the state population is female, while 49.7-percent is male.
However, when we drill down to Juneau County 46.7-percent of the county population is female, and 53.3-percent is male.
While this doesn't diminish in any way the important role women play in the county and the influence they have, it does make it important that Women's History Month is celebrated loudly and frequently throughout Juneau County because - 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment!
This National Women's History Month celebrates 100 year of women voting in Juneau County, and we need to work together to ensure that right and that important vote isn't surprised and that it is celebrated and encouraged!